To sustain the work and the relationships from the meeting, we can take the following steps after the meeting:

Complete the business of the meeting

  • Complete unfinished business
  • Debrief appropriately
  • Communicate widely and well

Acknowledge what is changing as a result of the meeting

  • Spot unexpected issues emerging
  • Identify changes for you
  • Be honest about changes for someone else
  • Beware of too much change, too little transition

Do what you said you were going to do

  • Continue your role as the chair
  • Fulfil your responsibilities as participants
  • An example: What happened? Recording and communicating

A story: Same intention, different conclusions
A story: Changing an entire organization’s culture of meetings


“This is an enormously browsable book with its balance of cartoons and text. It so clearly puts on the map the importance of the period after the meeting. The meeting, they point out, is only truly relevant if it is embedded in a flow of work. I love its sense of crispness about why minutes or notes should be out within 24 hours. This creates a real dynamism, as if people might really be doing what they promised they would do.”
Ruth Wilson Founder, Tandem communications and research