Lois and Martin provide tailor-made training on the Meeting Together approach to meetings, including through think>productive. The three of us have worked with organisations ranging from small community groups to major voluntary organisations and NGOs and international consortia.

We can help you with your meetings in various ways.

A skilled facilitator with a good understanding of the work you do can often add value in the life of organisation decision-making, freeing creativity and participation. We use our facilitation experience in several ways:

  • Facilitating difficult and complex decision-making where there might be conflicting views and/or complex stakeholders interests
  • Facilitating any meeting, including working with a core group on the design
  • Supporting a planning group for an awayday or large conference to design their event and develop the skills to take the lead themselves
  • Coaching individuals to prepare for an event or develop skills to lead it
  • Reviewing your meetings to help you find ways to improve your meetings culture and practice

Through think>productive, Martin and Lois provide tailor-made workshops on the Meeting Together approach to meetings. These can range from an hour’s review and action planning during a break in the working day or on an awayday or conference to a day’s workshop and skills training, including: taking minutes, designing an agenda, facilitating/chairing a meeting, facilitating small groups, participating effectively, handling conflict and differences.

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Get in touch with any one of us for an exploratory conversation at no cost. We will be pleased to talk about your needs and how we might most effectively work with you to meet them within your budget.